Need some help on a project? Let’s talk.

For the last 5 years, I’ve been running a small design/development consultancy where I work with small business to help them increase their revenue. Lately, I’ve been working a lot with agencies like ePublishing and Dot Dash to help with their projects. I’d love to work with your’s too!

Things I’m Good at:

  • Effective communication: Seriously, I’ll make sure to understand the needs of the project before taking it on and keep you in the loop throughout the whole project.
  • Looking at the underlying business goals at hand. A lot of times, what the clients really need isn’t what they originally come to your agency for. That‘s where having some solid conversation with them is useful.

Things I can Help You With:

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript. All the things I utilized to build rad MySpace pages in 2006.
  • WordPress: This includes custom themes and large-scale migration and optimization work. PHP and I have become very good friends.
  • Shopify: I started doing custom Shopify themes last year, (my favorite on being Flexrake), and I’m in love with it. I currently utilize Shopify’s own Slate for ultra-fast and scalable builds.
  • Large-Scale CSS Architecture: Have a large project you need to make sure doesn’t go awry or have an older site you need to retrofit to into a fully-responsive progressive web app that works on all devices regardless of data speed? I can help using the powers of SCSS and BEM.

Things I’m Learning:

  • React: I’ve been dabbling in small react projects, and recently have started a portfolio piece that uses React in the frontend and hooks up to a wordpress backend through WP’s REST API.
  • Progressive Web Apps (PWAs): I’m learning how important it is to make projects accessible to not only those with disabilities or impairments, but also those without access to high-speed internet or flagship phones. I’m currently learning how to retrofit my past projects into progressive web apps.
  • Gatsby: This site was made in Gatsby using a WordPress backend!
  • ES6, ESNext: Im currently utilizing ESNext goodness such as: Arrow functions, Async Await, promises, and much more .