From Abandoned WordPress site to Scale-Proof Shopify Store.

Kona Deep was originally on a WordPress theme that was previously maintained by a developer they were no longer in touch with. I helped produce a completely redesigned Shopify Site that reflected their updated branding that thousands of followers saw on Instagram.

Moving from an Abandoned WordPress Build to a Custom Shopify Marketing Site

Kona Deep’s old website was good for the initial growth of the company, but wasn’t providing the engagement they wanted, nor was it providing the tools to help grow their wholesale revenue. In addition, it wasn’t mobile-friendly nor could the make updates when they needed to.

Two Big Objectives.

Kona Deep had two big goals in mind: they needed a way to showcase all the retail locations they were available at, and at the same time, allow for a great experience for wholesalers in order to drive sales. If we could do this, the CEO would be very happy.

Process and Insight

As with most of my projects, I started with an in-depth discovery process that pinpointed all of Kona Deep’s pain-points and areas of opportunity. I then used this information to design a mockups for what the site would look like.

kona deep web design
Home page for Kona Deep

The Solution

After the initial discovery with Kona Deep, I completely redesigned their site with a UI/UX refresh and a completely custom Shopify theme with sections that they could easily edit themselves. I utilized Shopify Slate for faster load times and developer workflow and designed the mockups in Sketch.

Kona Deep internal page
Our Water Page

The Results

The end result was something I’m very proud of and the client was very happy with as well as increased revenue from. Check it out yourself at

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