Adam Rasheed

I’m a Front-end Developer based in
San Diego, CA 🏖.

Adam Rasheed is a San-Diego based front-end developer who creates well-designed websites and e-commerce stores. A data nerd at heart, Adam majored in Economics at Cal State San Bernardino, and has used his data-analysis powers mainly for good. Like many of his generation, he was drawn to coding and design originally as an angsty teen trying to make his MySpace page look cool–but not too cool.

Since those days he has been pretty busy both in-house and as a freelancer, and with his YouTube channel where he teaches people how to use Sketch. He has a variety of experience such as creating custom Wordpress themes, UI design, and speaks fluent HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and Liquid. (note from editor: one could also add sarcasm to that list)

Adam’s loves to tackle a challenge head-on by analyzing it and coming up with a plan to solve the needs of his clients that makes sense for their big-picture goals. Most recently, he's working as a Lead Shopify Developer at Blenders Eyewear in sunny San Diego. He’s also taking on select freelance projects. Does your product team need a hand bringing your designs to life? Learn how he can help here.

Words by Alyson Ben-Yehuda

Let's Talk

You can best reach me through email.

Alternatively, DM me on , check out my design work on Dribbble, peep my code on my Github profile, or see what I’m eating on my Instagram.

Oh also, you can read/download my Resumé here.