Adam RasheedI’m Adam Rasheed, a commercial photographer and Web Designer based in Southern California.

I have a polished, yet high-contrast style that’s filled with emotion. Check out my work on the sidebar!

In addition to doing photography, and offering web design services through Creatix Online Marketing, I also run a blog and  podcast for creative freelancers at Freelance Jump.

When I find spare time, I love drinking chai and watching British comedies.

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Orange County Commercial Photographer

While I’m happy to do family portraits from time to time, where I really excel at is commercial photography for small businesses in Orange County. When small businesses want to make a better impression both online and in person, they should showcase their products and services in the best way possible. Unfortunately buying a nice camera or hiring a young relative a few bucks doesn’t cut. There isn’t only technical ability, but a knowledge of your subject matter involved. In my case, this knowledge comes from years of practicing as well as actually working with small businesses to do their staff head shots, lifestyle photography, product photography, as well as doing promo videos for them. At the end of the day, you want a better business, and I’ll help you get there.


Where Does Better Photography Help?

  • Showcasing your line of products in your marketing.
  • Humanizing your business by having friendly head shots of your staff
  • Highlighting your office space to show your clients just where the sausage is made.